Christmas ads: Watch offerings from John Lewis, M&S, Debenhams, Boots and Aldi

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The M&S Christmas ad puts an elderly man on a slippery roof (Source: M&S)

This year's Christmas ad season is already shaping up to be a vintage one, with the return of an animated carrot, an over-enthusiastic elf - and Moz the Monster.

Worried about missing out? Here's what we've seen so far:

1. M&S: Paddington saves Christmas. Kind of.

Paddington Bear helps out a would-be robber, thus teaching him the magic of Christmas. Although, robber or not, it's difficult to work out what a man his age was doing on a snowy roof in the first place...

2. Aldi: The barely anticipated return of Kevin the Carrot

Remember Kevin's daring escape last year? No, us neither. Either way, here he is, chasing after Santa (and a sexy lady carrot) on a train.

3. Debenhams: Hashtag Cinderella

Woman loses impractical shoe in snow and doesn't bat an eyelid. Social media storm ensures.

4. John Lewis: Same old, same old

John Lewis copies past successes with its increasingly tired adorable child/furry critter narrative.

5. Boots: Never were there such devoted sisters

Another montage, this time of two sisters growing up. Spoiler: we never find out what's in the wrapping paper.

6. Sky Cinema: A few of our favourite things?

A young girl grows up while watching The Sound of Music. A classic of the tear-jerker genre.

7. Argos: Mixed messages about health and safety

A Christmas elf in a swish warehouse races to put a gift on Santa's sleigh before it takes off, and in doing so contravenes inumerable health and safety rules.

8. TalkTalk: We are family

Fly-on-the-wall cameras capture a typical family Christmas. Warning: features very dodgy singing.

City AM Which is your favourite Christmas ad so far?

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