Top City (A.M.) boss abseils down the Cheesegrater for the Lord Mayor's Appeal

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City AM founder Lawson Muncaster and London's Lord Mayor Dr Andrew Parmley
Lawson Muncaster and Dr Andrew Parmley celebrate their abseil

City A.M. co-founder Lawson Muncaster abseiled down London's Leadenhall Building - more affectionately known as the Cheesegrater - this morning, in aid of The Lord Mayor's Appeal.

For the third year in a row, Muncaster plunged over the edge of a tall City of London building to raise money for The Lord Mayor's Appeal, alongside City A.M.'s partner charity Maggie's Centres and children's charity The Truants.

He joined City of London Lord Mayor Dr Andrew Parnley at the top of the Cheesegrater in wet September conditions to complete a 225m descent.

Lawson Muncaster, City A.M. co-founder, abseiling down the Cheesegrater building in London
Lawson Muncaster, City A.M. co-founder, begins the descent

Lord Mayor Dr Andrew Parmley begins his abseil of the Cheesegrater building in London
Lord Mayor Dr Andrew Parmley sets off on the 225m abseil

‚ÄčAt 737 feet, the Cheesegrater is the tallest building in the City of London.

This is the third time City A.M. have joined the Lord Mayor on the fundraising abseil. The event, supported by Reignwood Group, has already raised over £100,000 for this year's Appeal beneficiaries: The London Symphony Orchestra's Discovery programme, Music in Hospitals and St Paul's Cathedral Music Outreach.

Lawson Muncaster and the Lord Mayor of City of London in abseiling gear
CEO of Reignwood Investments UK Stephen Gibson (pictured, middle) congratulates this year's daredevils

Watch Lawson complete the abseil below.

You can help support The Lord Mayor's Appeal here - with your donations, Lawson might even contemplate doing it again for a fourth time...

Lawson Muncaster of City A.M.
737 feet is a lot higher than it sounds...