It's not rocket science: Budweiser announces plans to create an anti-gravity beer to bring to Mars

Lian Parsons
Getting drunk in space may soon be possible
Getting drunk in space may soon be possible (Source: Getty)

Budweiser is planning for the future by brewing Martian beer.

The beer company has joined the space race and wants to be the drink of choice for possible future trips to Mars.

It is planning to craft a beverage that will react the same way beer usually does, with the bubbles rising and the foam settling on top.

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However, in anti-gravity, bubbles don’t rise, which means the foam is distributed throughout the liquid instead.

As gravity does not draw liquids to the bottom of astronauts’ stomachs in space, the gas remains at the top and has a habit of being a bit unsettling to their systems. Because of these reasons, carbonated beverages are not offered on space mission menus.

Budweiser announced the brewing project on a panel at South by Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW) in Austin, Texas last week.

At this point, it’s still only an “ambitious commitment” as Budweiser have not launched an official research project yet.

Buzz Aldrin took communion on the moon and drank wine during his mission in 1969, and said the wine “curled gracefully” up the side of the cup, but was also “syrupy” and not as pourable as wine on Earth.

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A team from the University of California also want to make getting tipsy in space a reality. They are competing to go to space in a craft launched from Bangalore, India in December and are planning to brew beer on the moon to test how yeast reacts to the lunar environment.

If space colonisation is to become a reality within the next century, humans will, as always, want to crack open a cold one, even on the Red Planet. Sounds stellar.

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