Google Home is about to launch in the UK

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You can ask Google Home to tell you the time or turn off lights (Source: Getty)
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Google Home, the smart home speaker launched by the tech giant last year, is about to become available in the UK.

The voice controlled assistant powered by artificial intelligence and which is a rival to the Amazon Echo is scheduled to be available for UK buyers in the second quarter of the year, it's been revealed.

Not content with being the surprise headline of Mobile World Congress (after Nokia's 3310) with the launch of its voice assistant on many of the new phones being unveiled at the event, Google's flagship product which uses Google Assistant is also making waves.

It's the first indication of Google's ambitions to expand Google Home beyond US shores, where it launched in October

It comes hot on the heels of Amazon's Echo launch in the UK just before Christmas, signalling an escalating rivalry in the battle to own the connected home.

Further details have not been revealed, such as the exact date it will be available, where it will go on sale, and the price. In the US it costs $129 - roughly around £100.

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