Amazon's creating 100,000 new jobs in the US

Lynsey Barber
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Amazon's hiring people, not just automating things (Source: Getty)

Amazon is planning to create a whopping 100,000 new jobs in the US over the next 18 months.

Yep, you read that number correctly: It's roughly the equivalent of the entire population of West Dorset.

The additions will mean Amazon's total staff in the US will shoot past the quarter of a million people mark to 280,000. It said it has added roughly 150,000 staff in the past five years and the expansion could see it overtake several companies in terms of the biggest employers in the country.

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The new positions will be full-time jobs with benefits and across levels and disciplines and scattered across the country.

“Innovation is one of our guiding principles at Amazon, and it’s created hundreds of thousands of American jobs. These jobs are not just in our Seattle headquarters or in Silicon Valley—they’re in our customer service network, fulfilment centres and other facilities in local communities throughout the country,” said Amazon top boss Jeff Bezos.

“We plan to add another 100,000 new Amazonians across the company over the next 18 months as we open new fulfilment centres, and continue to invent in areas like cloud technology, machine learning, and advanced logistics.”

Clearly it's not robots, automated machinery and drones that will be doing everything at Amazon in the future.

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