Two essential maps for walking around London during the Tube strike

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2020 Underground Map Made Of Lego
Some Tube stations are surprisingly close (Source: Getty)

Commuters face more crazy travel troubles as Tube workers prepare to go on strike starting from 6pm on Sunday evening.

London Underground stations in Zone 1 are expected to be severely disrupted with many closed, meaning that travellers will have to find alternative routes to their destinations if still travelling into the city.

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But, never fear, there are two very handy maps that will help you work out how far exactly that walk to the next station (or maybe the one after too) is if your journey gets cut short because of the strikes.

One presents how long it will take and the other shows how many steps (useful if you're trying to hit those 10k per day as part of a New Year regime).

How long does it take to walk between London Underground stations?

Click or tap to view full-size (Source: TfL)

How many steps does it take to walk between London Underground stations?

Click or tap on the map to zoom in (Source: TfL)

Get the latest on everything you need to know about the Tube strikes here. And, if you're looking for a positive spin on the travel disruption, perhaps you might find a more effective route to work than you've been doing - scientists say strikes help us find "superior journeys".

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