London weather on New Year's Eve: Chilly, but more settled

Emma Haslett
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Fog Covers London
Fog in the capital is due to lift, although some will linger. (Source: Getty)

It's an annual dilemma: go out and enjoy New Year's Eve, or cosy up at home by the fire, and pretend the past year didn't happen?

The good news for wannabe revellers is that there won't be much rain about. The bad news is, fog and ice are likely to linger - although the brightest of the weather is likely to be in the east of the country, the Met Office has said.

"New Year's Eve is looking cloudy and breezy, but largely dry for much of England and Wales, with the brightest weather in the east," it added.

"A band of rain, sometimes heavy, will affect the northwest and slowly move south towards central England and Wales.

"Behind the rain the temperatures are expected to turn colder with some snow showers for the far north of Scotland along with strong winds. Southern England however will remain relatively mild until New Year’s Day."

RAC spokesman Rod Dennis added that drivers will face a "mix of hazards", including ice, fog and snow. Thick fog and ice is already wreaking havoc at airports around the South East, while London's train network is undergoing the usual festive disruption.

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