You're signed up now: Five pieces of advice to help you get through Dry January

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Experts Judge The Annual International Wine Challenge
Option one: Hide your booze away (Source: Getty)

It's the season of excess as we draw towards the end of the year and that means only one thing: Dry January is inching ever-closer.

You've said you'll do it now – whether for charity or just your own challenge – so you can't back down and, let's face it, 31 days with no booze really isn't that long. It's a month of not being able to say things like "bad day: need wine" on social media.

So if you're embarking on a month off the plonk or are flirting with the idea, here are five pieces of The Capitalist's pieces of advice to see you through the first month of 2017.

1. Hide all the booze in your house or get rid of anything that's been around for a while

This is quite straightforward for most people, though those with an overflowing wine rack in the kitchen might find this one tricky.

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As with anything you're trying to give up, adopt an "out of sight, out of mind" strategy and hide or simply get rid of any drinks that will be tempting over the month. If possible, try not to cook with wine or other booze either.

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Avoid the chicken in white wine sauce until February and focus on non-booze recipes (Source: Getty)

2. Recruit, recruit, recruit

Solidarity, people. Dry January is the month for spending time with other people who are in the same boat as you. This is less "misery loves company", more "this month will be simpler if I'm in the habit of drinking with my friendship circle and/or I'm worried about peer pressure".

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3. Added to the recruitment drive: Pick and choose your social gatherings carefully

If you can't recruit friends or you're likely to be invited to events like work socials, be choosier about where you go. It's going to be cold outside anyway, so there's less of an incentive to stand outside the pub.

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Proponents of Dry January will tell you not to squirrel away for the whole month, but if it will make things easier, say no to situations that will be drink-focused and interpret this as your month to finally watch The Wire or do a mass reorganisation and finally reach that coveted, mythical Inbox Zero all the productivity books talk about.

4. Use it as an opportunity to get fit

Seeing as you're not drinking anyway, make this the month to take up running (marathon runners don't drink in the run up to a race after all, so you can pretend you're already on the right track), or yoga, or rediscover swimming.

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Do something to make hay with your health boost, at least.

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Go the whole hog, try outdoor swimming in January (Source: Getty)

5. Get into mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks

If you are at an event and you don't want to drink, Diet Coke isn't the only alternative these days.

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Explore the world of mocktails or sample the burgeoning market of high-end non-alcoholic beverages that mimic drinks such as whisky and gin, such as Seedlip. British drinks giant Diageo invested in Seedlip (below) over the summer, the first time it has ever put money behind a non-alcoholic drink.

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