Britons set to get stingier this Christmas as the average spend per person on presents falls by £50

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Perhaps the tightening purse strings are down to some latent Brexit uncertainty and sterling weakness worry? (Source: Getty)

If you already thought 2016 had been a less-than-ideal year, we have some more bad news for you – and this time it's about your Christmas presents.

As the curse of 2016 carries on working its magic, the average spend on gifts per person for friends and family has declined by 11 per cent this year, or by over £50 since Christmas 2015.

While present outlays topped £479 last year, they have dwindled to £424 this year, according to figures from Policy Expert, suggesting that "families are becoming more frugal". The average spend on the whole of Christmas per person, including food and other trimmings, is £653.

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Of the £424 that goes on presents for loved ones, spoilt sons and daughters topped the list, with the average spend totting up to £131 each, followed by spending on partners at £123.

Britons were less generous when it comes to parents and friends, spending £56 and £21 on average respectively, a survey of more than 5,600 people found.

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However, even though gift-related spending is on the decline, millions of pounds are still being wasted as around 77 per cent of people received a present they didn't want last year.

Christmas 2016 is set to cost the average British consumer around half of their monthly salary, which many won't pay off until March.

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