It takes us more than an hour to unwind after work and even longer to switch off on holiday

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More than half of British workers need the TV to relax after work (Source: Getty)

Well, good luck enjoying your holiday – it takes British workers 2.63 days of annual leave to switch off from work mode, new research suggests.

The data also found it takes us a shocking 10.31 days of annual leave to feel able to return to work completely refreshed and relaxed. That's equal to more than half of the UK's statutory annual leave per person per year.

Workers struggle to wind down on an average working day, too. More than three quarters of us are unable to relax and experience residual stress after leaving the office, the study of more than a thousand UK workers by Cascade HR found.

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It takes the average British worker one hour and 39 minutes to fully relax after they've left the stress of work and commutes behind.

Almost a fifth admitted to never fully unwinding because they often bring work home.

Oliver Shaw, chief executive at Cascade HR, said the issue needs to be taken seriously by employers.

Unhappy workers often speak to others about their employers and their working conditions, which can contribute to poor employer reputations. Eventually, a high proportion of stressed and unhappy workers can significantly contribute to high staff turnovers and increased costs.

More than half of us unwind by sitting in front of the television, while 40 per cent spend time with friends and family to relax and 39 per cent find peace with a good book.

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Alcohol is the calming vice of choice for 34 per cent of workers, while 22 per cent feel they need a mini-break from the city they work in to really feel the benefits of time off.

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