The 53 countries where you get better mobile signal than the UK

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Digital desert? Not in most other countries (Source: Getty)

Finding a lack of mobile coverage irksome? Perhaps it's time to move country.

The UK's 4G coverage is actually worse than you'll find in Albania, Peru and Morocco. In fact, an astonishing 53 countries around the world have better signal according to a report calling on the government to push for better access across the country, or risk being left behind when it comes to technology like the Internet of Things and driverless cars.

Most of us can only access 4G a little over half the time with too many "digital deserts" - even within cities - the National Infrastructure Commission has concluded.

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It's calling on the government to ensure 5G on all key rail routes and major roads by 2025 and for local councils to work with network providers to get coverage to where it needs to be.

"5G is the future – ultra-fast, and ultra-reliable it has the potential to change our lives and our economy in ways we cannot even imagine today. But the UK is currently languishing in the digital slow lane," said chair of the commission, Lord Adonis, warning that "not spots" and a lack of connectivity are holding back business.

A less than timely auction of the 4G spectrum is to blame, meaning 4G is still scarce in nearly 80 per cent of rural premises and even 20 per cent of those in cities. Nearly half of A and B roads across Britain have no 4G.

Adonis signalled that now was the time to make sure the government puts more effort into getting 5G to everyone.

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"5G offers us a chance to start again and get ahead. If government acts now we can ensure our major transport networks and urban centres are 5G ready in time to give British industry every chance to lead the world in exploiting its applications," he said.

"From connected vehicles to the internet of things, 5G will support a whole new way of communicating and doing business. The UK must not be left behind."

Here's every country where 4G is better than the UK...

Rank Country
1 South Korea
2 Japan
3 Lithuania
4 Hong Kong
5 Netherlands
6 Singapore
7 Norway
8 Kuwait
9 Sweden
10 US
11 Qatar
12 Hungary
13 Australia
14 Taiwan
15 Finland
16 United Arab Emirates
17 Canada
18 Estonia
19 China
20 Bahrain
21 Slovenia
22 Czech Republic
23 Latvia
24 India
25 Switzerland
26 Denmark
27 Belgium
28 Thailand
29 Spain
30 Peru
31 Austria
32 Portugal
33 Georgia
34 Luxembourg
35 Brunei
36 Mexico
37 Slovakia
38 Saudi Arabia
39 Argentina
40 South Africa
41 Bulgaria
42 Malaysia
43 Croatia
44 Oman
45 Panama
46 Albania
47 Iceland
48 Morocco
49 Colombia
50 Greece
51 Indonesia
52 Jordan
53 Romania
54 UK

Data from OpenSignal's State of LTE Report in the National Infrastructure Commission's Connected Future report.

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