Do you want the "worst job in Ireland"? Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary's after an assistant

Rebecca Smith
The Ryanair boss is famously outspoken
The Ryanair boss is famously outspoken (Source: Getty)

Renowned for his outspokenness, Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary, may not be the easiest boss to work for.

Well, so says a job advertisement searching for an assistant to the Ryanair boss. Described as "worst job in Ireland?????", essential attributes include a thick skin, "saint-like" patience and ability to "operate without sleep or contact with the outside world".

The airline wants a bright, ambitious qualified accountant to assist its "misunderstood but beloved CEO".

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A Ryanair spokesman didn't provide comment on salary but did indeed confirm that the advertisement itself was legitimate: "Much like our low fares, it's unbelievable, but real."

Suitably qualified candidates should apply with a cover letter and CV by 18 November, and will have the chance to further develop their career "by promotion into the management team" if successful.

Though the advert does also come with this little addendum:

Note: Dubs fans, Man U supporters and cyclists will not only be automatically excluded from the process, but will be tracked down, tortured and shot.

Earlier this year, a shareholder body called on investors to reject O'Leary's €2.5m (£2m) pay packet, claiming the Ryanair boss might be overpaid.

Pirc cited a string of concerns over the independence of the chief executive's fellow board members and recommended investors rejected the airline's annual report.

Back in 2012, O'Leary said he was paid "about 20 times more than the average Ryanair employee and I think the gap should be wider", defending his then €1.2m salary. "I work about 50 times harder."

He's also been asked about the best approach for keeping employees motivated. O'Leary's response? "Fear."

Don't all rush to apply at once now...

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Ryanair's advertisement for "the worst job in Ireland":

Responsibilities will include:

  • Treasury & portfolio management
  • Investment analysis
  • Tax analysis & returns
  • Project management and property development
  • Special project work
  • General drudgery
  • MOL-ly coddling

Essential attributes required:

  • Thick skin
  • Saint-like patience
  • Aversion to bolloxology
  • Own collection of nursery rhymes / bedtime stories
  • Ability to operate without sleep or contact with the outside world
  • (Ego) massage qualifications

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