Picks of the day: The three stories to read today

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Dwindling Newspaper Sales Echo Through Economy
Top three picks of the day (Source: Getty)

If you’ve been trawling through the internet looking for something interesting to read, look no further.

We’ve put together the top stories people are talking about today in bite-sized form, just to make your life that bit easier.

Check out our 3 at 3.

Swear words have been ranked

Ofcom has done what no-one asked it to: the UK’s communications regulator has ranked British swearwords according to offensiveness. Going from “milder words” to “strongest words”, the list includes some rather creative ones you might not have heard of...

Double trouble for Jedward

X Factor's unlikely Irish pop twins Jedward are back in the spotlight, but not for the right reason. The duo’s company has fallen into a loss: figures filed with the Irish equivalent of Companies House shows Planet Jedward has racked up a lot of spending over the past couple of years.

UK productivity has finally passed its pre-crisis level

Hurrah. It looks like there’s more good news in store for the UK after the EU referendum as productivity levels have finally hit their pre-crisis level. This is after the UK experienced nearly a decade of stagnation. Find out how well the country is doing in comparison to its G7 counterparts.

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