Wimbledon under match-fixing investigation following alert to tennis authorities

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The Championships - Wimbledon 2007 Day Four
One game played at Wimbledon this year is under investigation (Source: Getty)

Tennis authorities are probing reports of potential match-fixing at this year's Wimbledon.

The Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) placed a match at the All England Club under investigation after receiving a warning about suspicious betting activity.

A total of 96 matches held between July and September, including one at the US Open, are currently under investigation by the TIU who receive alerts from regulators and betting companies.

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"Historically, Grand Slams receive very few match alerts and in keeping with that record, only two were received during the period; one at Wimbledon, the other at the US Open," read a TIU statement.

"Both are the subject of routine, confidential investigation by the TIU."

The TIU's guidance stresses that match alerts alone are not evidence of match fixing and can occasionally be explained by other factors such as incorrect odds setting and player fatigue.

Furthermore, the 96 matches under investigation represent just 0.27 per cent of the 35,041 professional tennis matches played during the period.

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