What will your bank be called after RBS restructures?

Caitlin Morrison
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The lender is restructuring to (Source: Getty)

Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) customers could see the name of their bank change, when the lender restructures to comply with UK ring-fencing regulations.

RBS today set out its plans for the reshuffle - here's what the group is moving, and what the new entities will be called.

RBS becomes Adam & Company... but not for long

Adam & Company is RBS' private banking arm

Personal, private, business and commercial customers of The Royal Bank of Scotland plc, known as RBS plc, will be transferred to Adam & Company, which is currently RBS' Scottish private bank, at some point in 2018.

Once this transfer takes place, Adam & Company will be renamed The Royal Bank of Scotland plc. Confused yet?

RBS will be renamed NatWest Markets

RBS is renaming its investment bank NatWest Markets (Source: Getty)

While the Adam & Company high jinks are taking place, what's left of RBS plc - the investment bank - NatWest Markets Plc.

The renamed entity NatWest Markets will be the non-ring-fenced bank and direct subsidiary of RBS Group, the bank said today.

A new company called NatWest Holdings will be formed

Police guard the entrance of Coutts bank in centra
Coutts, where the Queen banks, will be ring-fenced within NatWest Holdings (Source: Getty)

At the beginning of 2017, RBS is introducing an intermediate holding company for its ring-fenced banks. NatWest Holdings will own NatWest, Adam & Company and Ulster Bank Ireland. Coutts and Co will also be contained within the ring-fence.

Got that?