All but five EU members have more jobs linked to UK trade than vice versa

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Does Angela Merkel risk losing more jobs than Theresa May in Brexit talks? (Source: Getty)

All but five EU countries have more jobs dependent on British trade than vice versa, according to new figures.

An analysis into the jobs market of the Eurozone has found that 22 of the 27 have more individual jobs at stake than the UK ahead of the activation of Article 50.

What's more, every single member state has a greater proportion of its job market at linked to UK trade.

The figures from think tank Civitas show that 3.6m British jobs are linked to trade with the whole of the EU, compared to 5.8m jobs on the continent tied to UK trade.

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Civitas research fellow Justin Protts, who conducted the analysis, said: “Based on the potential impact on jobs, each EU country should be aware of the significant economic benefit in terms of jobs stemming from trade with the UK.

“The EU does arguably have to negotiate as a bloc. However, each of the 27 remaining national government should be negotiating in the interests of those that democratically elected them.”

Of all EU members, only Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg and Malta have fewer jobs linked to UK trade than vice versa.

However, in both Ireland and Malta almost one in ten jobs proportionately is linked to EU trade.

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Responding to the figures, a spokesman for the government's Brexit ministry said: “The British people have decided they want to leave the EU. The UK economy is fundamentally strong, highly competitive, and remains open for business.

“We do not see Brexit as ending our relationship with Europe. It is about starting a new one with mutual benefit.”