Theresa May and her ministers have agreed to seek a bespoke model for the UK's ties with the EU, without a parliamentary vote

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The Prime Minister Holds A Cabinet Meeting At Chequers
May held the cabinet meeting at Chequers ahead of the return of parliament next week (Source: Getty)

Theresa May and her ministers have agreed to pursue a “unique” model for the UK's relationship with the EU, while further backing plans to proceed without a vote in parliament.

May's office had stressed earlier this week that the Prime Minister would not seek a parliamentary, or public, vote before pressing ahead with the UK's separation from the EU.

And now ministers have rejected any plans to seek an “off the shelf” model for the UK's future, instead committing to a bespoke deal.

Much of the Brexit debate saw MPs compare the UK's future to that of Norway, Switzerland, Canada and Albania.

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However, a Downing Street spokeswoman said today: “Several cabinet members made it clear that we are leaving the EU but not leaving Europe, with a decisive view that the model we are seeking is one unique to the United Kingdom and not an off the shelf solution.

“This must mean controls on the numbers of people who come to Britain from Europe but also a positive outcome for those who wish to trade goods and services.”

This afternoon's meeting came after cabinet this morning reiterated a commitment to fiscal discipline, while also noting a need to increase productivity.

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