City deliveries get healthy with new rotisserie chicken takeaway service from private equity grandee Fraser Duncan's Clockjack

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Well Cooked Poultry Safe Despite Bird Flu Fears
Mmm, tastes like (rotisserie) chicken (Source: Getty)

Soon, you'll have no excuse to order an unhealthy takeaway lunch as the seasoned private equity grandee Fraser Duncan has raised £1m to add a delivery wing to his rotisserie chicken business.

Famished City workers will be able to order rotisserie chicken meals directly from the company and via Deliveroo from Clockjack's takeaway kitchen, set up with funding from 30 investors.

"We've now discovered that a delivery site halves the costs of running a restaurant and needs virtually no capital spend," Duncan told the Sunday Telegraph.

The group will have the capacity to cook around 50 birds an hour and will get deliveries out of the door "five minutes after an order".

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Clockjack will use its rotisserie chicken base to create breakfasts, lunches, dinners and individual orders, according to its website.

Duncan, who is a former managing director at Terra Firma, is working with former Center Parcs chief operating officer Jerry Goldberg to launch the takeaway City branch of the brand which they already operate two restaurants under in Soho and Woolwich.

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