MPs are planning contempt motion against Blair over Iraq

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Sir John Chilcot Delivers The Iraq Inquiry Report
Blair faces a vote on his actions after the publication of Chilcot (Source: Getty)

Tony Blair faces further scrutiny over his role in leading the UK into the Iraq war as MPs plan to table a motion in Parliament against the former Prime Minister declaring him in contempt.

Conservative MP David Davis has said he will put forward the motion in the House of Commons on Thursday which could see MPs vote on the matter before the summer recess.

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Davis is among several MPs who will put the motion to the House of Commons speaker John Bercow next week, along with the former first minister of Scotland Alex Salmond.

The motion follows the publication of the long-awaited Chilcot report last week, which criticised the ex-PM.

Davis said the report did not provide a "verdict" on the war and that the motion was an attempt to provide one.

Salmond said: "Saying one thing to George Bush in private, and a totally different thing to Parliament and people in public. That's the Parliamentary crime, the offence, and it's time for Parliament to deliver the verdict".

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It comes as the former deputy Prime Minister under Blair at the time of the war in 2003, John Prescott, said the invasion of Iraq by UK and US troops was Illegal.

Appearing on the BBC's Andrew Marr show, embattled Labour leader and anti-war proponent Jeremy Corbyn said the would probably support the motion.

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