Almost 6,000 people have signed up to the Lib Dems since Brexit vote was announced

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Day Four Of The Liberal Democrats Annual Party Conference
Tim Farron has rebranded the Lib Dems a post-referendum remain party (Source: Getty)

While the Labour Party is in turmoil this morning and the Conservatives are readying for a leadership change, the Liberal Democrats have cashed in on new members since the UK voted to leave the EU last Thursday.

More than 4,000 people joined the party immediately after polling day and new sign-ups are still "soaring", a Lib Dem spokesperson told City A.M.

"Closer to 6,000" people have now signed up to the party since the Brexit vote was announced on Friday. Before polls closed on Thursday, the party's total membership numbered around 60,000.

Brexit Britain: What you need to know

The party has rebranded itself as the post-referendum remain party and said this weekend it would fight the upcoming general election with a pledge to take Britain back to the EU.

On its website new members are now urged to "[j]oin the 48 per cent" who did not vote to leave.

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Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said: "We are the only party committed to a future for Britain at the heart of Europe.

"Naturally we respect the result of the referendum, but Brexit will hit livelihoods, homes and jobs. As the Brexit camp renounce their promises on the NHS and immigration before the slogans have even been peeled off their battle bus, it is now clear that the British people were told lie after lie," Farron added.

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"We have always believed our economy and place in the world is stronger in Europe and it is only right that we offer that as a choice to people at the next General Election - whenever that might be."

The second day of chaos in the Labour Party began this morning, with a string of front bench resignations and a new shadow cabinet that includes the likes of Diane Abott and Emily Thornberry announced by Jeremy Corbyn.

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