EU referendum: Poll of polls puts Leave ahead

James Nickerson
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EU Referendum - Signage And Symbols
Turnout is expected to be a key factor (Source: Getty)

With just one day of campaigning left a poll of polls analysis has put Leave ahead by one percentage point.

The Financial Times poll of polls today shows Leave having claimed 45 per cent of the vote to Remain's 44 per cent.

However, that means that 11 per cent are undecideds. As we've reported in more detail, these voters tend to sway toward the perceived safer option, and could swing the vote.

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The latest two polls have put Remain marginally ahead, but Leave has also won a number in recent weeks, suggesting the vote could go down to the wire.

Voters will turn out to vote tomorrow in the historic decision, after months of intense and, at times, bitter campaigning.

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A record number of people are eligible to vote in tomorrow's EU referendum, after the biggest ever voter registration drive helped hundreds of thousands to get their names on the electoral roll.

Turnout is expected to be a key determinant in the outcome of the vote given how close the vote will be.

That's more concerning for the Remain side given polling suggests their supporters are less likely to vote.