Team LMAX Exchange hits the Big Apple to sail with with overseas clients in Clipper Round the World Race

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An unusual way to conduct long-distance business meetings (Source: LMAX)

Forex firm LMAX Exchange has an unusual approach to meeting foreign clients.

The weather may be dire in the City this week, but the lucky skippers from LMAX Exchange have escaped the rain and conducted their business in New York in the final stages of the Clipper Round the World Race.

Folks at LMAX invited a select group of New York-based clients to take part in an afternoon regatta on board three racing yachts on the Hudson River.

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Guests were invited to change out of their suits and into ocean racing attire to become honorary race crew for the afternoon, but there was an ulterior motive. LMAX chief exec David Mercer cornered his clients on deck to his plans to expand the firm's operations in the US over the next six months.

Not one to miss a good networking opportunity the firm, which is still leading the extraordinary yacht race, has been using its entry into the competition to meet overseas clients.

Back in March LMAX execs invited 80 Asia-based clients to meet, sail and conduct business with Mercer when the clipper landed in Qingdao, China.

Clipper race chair SirRobin Knox-Johnston said: "Visiting global business destinations such as New York, London and China, have allowed LMAX Exchange to connect with their clients in a very new and engaging way which we hope will have a positive impact on their relationships."

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Now the fintech execs have had their networking fill, the crew set sail for Derry Londonderry on Monday morning.

Since Race Start in London last August, the teams have raced to Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Sydney, Hobart, the Whitsundays, Vietnam, China, Seattle and Panama.

The statistical sailors will return to St Katherine Docks in July.

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