Think you've found your newest recruit? Think again – they might be a job hoarder

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Forget old newspapers and out-of-date tins of tuna – Brits have found something new to hoard: job offers.

New research has found that half of job applicants (49.8 per cent) have accepted multiple roles offered to them.

These so-called job hoarders apparently use them as a platform for negotiation with potential employers to secure the best offer and salary.

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The survey of 3,000 by jobs website CV-Library also found that 64 per cent would accept a role that they were unsure of and continue their search.

Some 77.2 per cent of UK professionals believe it is reasonable to accept more than one job offer at a time to negotiate a better package.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library said job hoarding puts companies in “a very difficult position”.

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He added: “Organisations must be prepared for this behaviour, and ready to highlight broader job benefits, such as flexible hours, staff bonuses and other workplace perks.

“We know that salaries are important, but we also know from previous research that candidates value company culture and job satisfaction, meaning companies should be ready to promote the wider holistic package in order to steer any counter offers and secure the best talent.

“By doing this, businesses can be armed and ready to win the talent war, without having enter into salary battles.”

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