Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been attacked by Labour's own camp of Brexiteers

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Gordon Brown is "totally wrong" on the EU referendum Labour's Brexit camp has said. (Source: Getty)

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been slammed by Labour's leave campaigners after intervening in the Brexit debate.

Speaking at De Montfort University in Leicester, Brown said today that Britain “should be a leader in Europe and not leaving it”.

"Britain is at its best when it is outward-looking, engaged, welcoming, internationally minded, thinking of itself as having a huge role in the world ... not isolationist and insular," he said.

However, the comments have attracted the ire of Labour Leave, whose general secretary Brendan Chilton said Brown was “totally wrong”

"It is a fact that immigration has suppressed wages due to the availability of cheap EU labour, and has meant that we are increasingly less able to support those at the bottom of the economic ladder in this country,” Chilton said.

“This is something that most left-leaning people, particularly Gordon Brown, should care passionately about. The bottom line is that the EU is bad for British working people and unless we vote Leave, workers and their families will continue to struggle to survive.”

Brown's comments were an attempt to echo his impact on the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, in which the former Prime Minister was credited as being influential in the final result.

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