A foldable smartphone that fits in your pocket? Samsung's working on it

Lynsey Barber
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Galaxy's latest S7 could very well be suceeded by a foldable device (Source: Getty)

As smartphone screens get bigger, the size of our pockets do not, resulting in a bit of a conundrum when it comes to carrying the thing around (when it' not glued to our palm, at least).

Samsung is working on it, however, with plans for a device that simply folds in half and a new patent filing has showed up, indicating exactly how that might work.

The foldable phone looks similar to old style flip phones (Source: Patently Mobile)

The patent was filed in November last year, according to Patently Mobile, but was published only this week.

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The Korean technology firm has long talked about its plans for a flexible, foldable smartphone over the years, however the technology has not quite kept up with aspirations.

Now developments in Oled screens could make a foldable screen reality, and sooner rather than later, with some analysts even predicting one within the next year.

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Samsung's most recent flagship devices, including this year's S7, have inched closer to full foldability with curved screen edges. But the latest patent, which appears to look similar to the Galaxy models, would indicate a major step forward.

Smartphone sales have started to slow and device makers are finding it increasingly difficult to differentiate their products from rivals with new features. If Samsung were able to get the foldable smartphone into production - rumour has it this could be the Galaxy X, which is known by its code name Project Valley - it would be a first that could set the firm apart from its competition.