From BHS to Brexit and the banks we love to hate: Here's what got us talking

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We learned what makes Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith crumble.

Halifax was in the dog house over Top Cat.

And the pot called the kettle black when Cameron took Farage to task over his "poncey" surname.

Here's what got us talking...

The billionaire has faced calls for his knighthood to be taken away (Source: Getty)

1) BHS blues - but is there worse to come?

The big story of the week came from the high street, as BHS entered administration on Monday - with Austin Reed following suit the day after. Some suggested BHS' demise was more significant than Woolies' eight years ago, and former owner Sir Philip Green has a grilling from MPs in the post although the finger of blame is also pointed at Dominic Chappell.  

2) The shareholder spring rumbled on

It was a busy week for AGMs in which shareholders made their voices loud and clear, voting against pay rewards for engineering firm Wier Group and pharma giant Shire. Barclays managed to swerve any real revolt, but the boss did have to eat humble pie.

3) Dyson blew away the competition

As long as you don't mind blowing £300 on a hairdryer, that is.

4) We found out who the UK's most-hated banks were

There was stiff competition in this category.

5) Going bananas over Brexit

Whether it was economists saying the EU was "evil" or the OECD warning leaving the union would result in a "Brexit tax", everyone was voicing their views this week. Former PM John Major wound up Brexiteers by telling them to "go to North Korea" but Nigel Farage claimed food would be cheaper on the outside. With contradictory facts and figures flying around, we were left arguably no closer to the truth.

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The Last Word

"The party has become a home for anti-Semites, and not just mild anti-Semites – vicious anti-Semites,”

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