The bucket list? Here are the top 10 things new retirees are desperate to do - and how much they cost

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Relaxing didn't feature too highly in the list of what UK savers want to do when they retire (Source: Getty)

For many, the nine-to-five slog is made just that little bit more bearable by dreams of a sunny and stress-free retirement.

With warnings left, right and centre about how we're going to be working into our seventies or how nobody is saving enough for a pension, The Share Centre has issued a timely reminder for those hoping to keep their eyes on the prize.

It surveyed customers between the ages of 55 and 64 to find out exactly what they were hoping to save up for - and how much they would need to fund it.

The bucket list - top retirement choices


  1. Travelling (71 per cent)
  2. Gardening (55 per cent)
  3. Arts and crafts (26 per cent)
  4. Working (25 per cent)
  5. Volunteering (24 per cent)
  6. Live abroad (23 per cent)
  7. Photography (19 per cent)
  8. Sport (18 per cent)
  9. Festivals (11 per cent)
  10. Start a business (6 per cent)

Unsurprisingly, the most popular option was travelling - seven in 10 us want to pack up and take to the skies and the seas in our old age. A quarter dream of owning a home abroad.

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A decent smattering of those surveyed aren't ready to pack in the active lifestyle just yet, with one in five wanting to use our retirement to play more sport and 11 per cent planning on going to more music festivals once they have their hands on that pension pot.

Those coming to the end of their careers might be in for a surprise, however. The average saver said their retirement would cost a cool £234,000 - but they only expected to have saved up £158,000.