Boeing takes steps to tap into Iranian market after Airbus made moves earlier this year

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A general view of Tehran's Mehrabad airport, the s
Boeing has proposed to sell its 737, 777 and 787 models (Source: Getty)

Boeing has started talks with Iran to sell airliners into the largely untapped marketplace.

Preliminary talks began this week in Tehran between Boeing and Iranian airlines, including Iran Air, around the possibility to sell Boeing's planes and services.

The talks around what would be one of the most high profile deals between as US companies and Iran since sanctions were lifted are a signal to a return of normalised trade relations between the two countries.

"Two days of intensive negotiations were held between representatives of Boeing Company and Iran's national carrier (Homa) and other airlines on providing logistical support for the airplanes operating in Iran's air fleet in areas of parts, publications and other services as well as flight safety issues," secretary of the Iranian Aviation and Space Industries Association Maqsood Asadi Samani told reporters on Monday.

Yet, while the US government has allowed the talks with Iranian airlines, any deal to deliver the planes would require further approval.

It's been speculated that Boeing will need to leave room to backtrack if the next US president decides to reinstate sanctions.

The talks come months after Airbus signed a $25bn deal to sell 118 plans to Iran, a deal which is considered significant by Airbus.

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