This brokerage has made Casino Royale Bond villain Le Chiffre its brand ambassador

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You could say Mads Mikkelsen was type-cast for this brokerage ad

FX trader XTB knows its audience.

The international brokerage has launched a new ad campaign, and who better to strike the right tone for a financial services firm than a criminal mastermind?

XTB has announced it has recruited award-winning Hollywood actor Mads Mikkelsen as its new brand ambassador.

Mikkelsen is no stranger to dirty dealing: he's probably best known for playing some of the biggest baddies of the 21st century - from Bond villain Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, to Hannibal Lecter in the critically-acclaimed TV series Hannibal.

XTB’s ad campaign, in which Mikkelsen sinisterly leers into the camera beside the phrase, “I trade. I love it”, avoids any suggestion his character, a trader at the firm, has evil intentions.

The firm says the unnamed trader (moral standing not specified) goes through the motions of everyday life at an international brokerage, "from controlling a wide spectrum of emotions throughout the trading process, to analysing and gathering insights, developing solid risk management strategies and constantly learning, pushing and improving himself to become a disciplined and ultimately more successful trader".

First stop: short-selling. Next: the world?

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