London has the worst 4G download speeds - but these are the best and worst networks

Lynsey Barber
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Sometimes it's difficult to get 4G signal, even in London

Ever feel like it's taking forever to download the latest episode of your favourite TV show to catch up with on the way to work?

Londoner's in fact suffer the worst download speeds of five major cities in the UK tested for 4G mobile network performance by Ofcom.

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Residents of the capital were left with 12 megabit per second (mbit/s) speeds for downloading apps, movies, music as well as TV shows. Edinburgh and Norwich, ahem, speed ahead at 16mbit/sec, with Liverpool and Cardiff also ahead on 14 and 13mbit/s respectively.

The best (and worst) mobile network in London

When it comes to the best network it's EE that's the best bet offering download speeds of 17mbit/s and O2 bringing up the rear with just seven mbit/s speeds.

In fact, EE triumphed in all tests against other networks which also included Vodafone, while O2 faired the worst.

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The tests also covered how quickly they loaded the BBC homepage (browsing speeds), how quickly they uploaded a picture to Facebook (upload speeds), how watchable the Spectre film trailer was on YouTube (video streaming performance), and call success rate.

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