US Presidential Election 2016: Bernie Sanders storms to victory in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii as he closes gap on frontrunner Hillary Clinton

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Bernie Sanders Holds Campaign Rally In Madison, Wisconsin
Sanders still remains the firm underdog (Source: Getty)

Senator Bernie Sanders has crushed Hillary Clinton in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii as he closes the gap in the race for the Democrat nomination.

While Clinton remains the firm favourite to win the nomination – and the presidency – Sanders garnered huge support in the Western states.

In Washington Sanders won 73 per cent of support, while in Alaska he garnered 82 per cent against and took 71 per cent in Hawaii.

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In all three states delegates are awarded proportionally to the results.

All three also had caucuses, which Sanders has typically done well in.

Washington offers 101 delegates, with 16 delegates on offer in Alaska and 25 in Hawaii.

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“Washington, thank you for your huge support! It is hard for anybody to deny that our campaign has the momentum,” Sanders said on Twitter.

Earlier he had said: “Thank you, Alaska! Together we are sending a message that this government belongs to all of us.”

Sanders has built upon impressive wins last week in Idaho and Utah. However, he lost heavily in Arizona.

Clinton also still leads in the polls in big states, including New York and California.

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