Budget 2016: Here's how Twitter really felt about the Budget - in two perfect charts

Lynsey Barber
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An ostrich opens its beak at the Serenge
The Twitter chatter increased but sentiment turned negative (Source: Getty)

More than 100 tweets per minute were sent about the Budget and that was before George Osborne had even picked up his little red box and started speaking.

Nothing else but the Budget could dominate the day on Twitter and that gives a fascinating snapshot into the mind of the nation (or, the Twitterati, at least) and how they feel about the whole thing.

Sentiment analysis by social analytics firm Brandwatch reveals that sentiment plummeted as he got to the dispatch box.

The pledge to crackdown on tax avoidance failed to win people over, however, business rates being slashed and the strengthening of flood defences were two pledges that pushed it back into the green, but only just.

Meanwhile, it was the lifetime Isa announcement that got the Twitterati, well, Twittering, as did the freeze in fuel duty and a surprise sugar tax.

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