Bureau du Champagne to celebrate UK's dependency on fizz in Westminster next week, days after MPs pledge to export more British plonk

Edith Hancock
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Next week's champagne tasting is the largest in Europe (Source: Getty)

Champagne growers know how to time a drinks session for maximum impact.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs announced plans to expand the UK's wine industry. It said it wants to "take the fizz out of champagne by pledging a tenfold increase in exports by 2020".

Meanwhile the Bureau du Champagne, the educational arm of France's Comite Champagne, is hosting the largest fizz tasting in Europe on Wednesday in Westminster. The The Champagne Growers and Houses’ Annual tasting will run all day long, right after the release of shipment figures showing the drink's performance in the UK.

Why have fizz aficionados chosen One Great George Street, around the corner from Parliament Square, for its party?

The Bureau said it expects the results to show that the UK is the leading importer of the drink, and is presumably hoping to remind neighbouring MPs that the cost of a bottle can only rise in the event of a Brexit.

The Capitalist wonders how many MPs will be tempted by a glass of Dom Perignon after PMQs next week.

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