Lloyd's underwriters slam Admiral Insurance's new advert for grossly misleading costume design

Edith Hancock
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Underwriters reckon the new woman at the helm is under-qualified

Old sea dogs at Lloyd's of London were spluttering into their pink gins last night over Admiral Insurance's latest advert, which features a woman dressed as what appears to be an 18th century admiral.

Admiral has taken a fresh stance on its long-standing naval mascot, opting for a female to helm the ship in its new ad campaign called "looking out for you".

The UK insurance firm’s return to TV began on Sunday, and guides viewers through the new admiral’s seamless first day working at the company.

Lloyd's is well known for its maritime links. Starting out life in the 17th century as an insurer specialising in ships, the firm's headquarters on Lombard Street has its own room dedicated to Lord admiral Nelson, while a collection of relics and letters from the national hero are on display amongst the underwriters at the heart of the building.

However, one such underwriter couldn't resist pointing out to us that Admiral's advert is grossly misleading, as the female naval officer's costume is all wrong.

"Three gold rings on the sleeve is a commander, NOT an admiral", he said. "The least they could have done is got the uniforms right."

Pedants, where would we be without them?

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