Is your city most or least at risk from robots taking jobs?

Lynsey Barber and Chris Parmenter
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Where will Wall.E style robots be more likely? (Source: Getty)

The robot overlords are taking your jobs, so we've been told time and time again. But there are some places in Britain where that's more likely to happen than others.

Exeter, Crawley and Norwich have the highest number of job vacancies which are at the greatest risk of automation in the future, according to new research. It found that around one in 11 vacancies, on average, across the country had a high risk of being replaced by robots.

London, Reading and Edinburgh are the most future-proof cities, however, with that number dwindling to around one in 20.

More than 100,000 jobs advertised on jobs site Adzuna, which conducted the research, would become obsolete over the next 20 years. Despite the lower risk in the capital, it found that 13,000 jobs would still become automated over the next two decades.

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