EU referendum: The draft EU deal has given the Leave campaign a boost as Prime Minister David Cameron heads to Poland to continue negotiations

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Cameron said his reforms would fundamentally change the UK's relationship with the EU (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister David Cameron's draft EU deal has given a boost to the Out campaign ahead of the referendum, a new poll has found.

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A poll by YouGov conducted in the immediate aftermath of Cameron's EU deal has found Leave is now leading with 45 per cent of support against Remain, which has fallen to 36 per cent.

Only 22 per cent say it's a good deal, with 56 per cent saying the changes do not go far enough.

Earlier this week Cameron hailed "fundamental change" to Britain's relationship with the EU, but critics have said they don't represent any change at all, with one MP saying that the government is trying to "make bricks out of straw" and another telling parliament that ministers were "polishing poo".

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So the Prime Minister is having to battle on two fronts, as he today travels to Poland and Denmark to try and garner support for his package.

He may run into hurdles, however, as it has been revealed that none of Cameron's fellow EU leaders are happy with his reform proposals as they stand, according to the BBC.

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