New TNS poll shows voters more than three times as likely to be confident in David Cameron than Jeremy Corbyn

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Just 9 per cent of voters said Corbyn was the strongest political party leader (Source: Getty)

Yet another poll out today shows that voters have more confidence in Prime Minister David Cameron's leadership than that of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

TNS polled more than 1,000 British adults, finding nearly one in three people think Cameron is the UK's "strongest party leader", with more than half saying he will still be Prime Minister at the end of the year.

Cameron's levels of support are, unsurprisingly, higher among Conservative voters, with seven in 10 saying he is the strongest party leader and 84 per cent saying he will still be Prime Minister by the end of 2016.

On the other hand, just 9 per cent of voters polled said Corbyn is the strongest party leader, and only 29 per cent said they thought he would still be Labour leader at the end of the year. His backing wasn't much better among Labour voters, with just a quarter of Labour voters saying their leader was the strongest party leader, and only a little over half of them said Corbyn will still be leader of Labour by end of 2016.

According to TNS, shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn is the most-popular choice to replace Jeremy Corbyn among those that voted for Labour in May 2015.

Commenting on the findings, TNS head of social and political attitudes Luke Taylor said: "Despite a negative outlook from voters on the economy and the way the government is handling immigration, David Cameron will take heart from the strength of his personal poll ratings."

In the same poll, TNS found that over two-third of adult voters think there is a housing shortage, while nearly six in 10 said the government's management of immigration into the UK has been poor. The poll also revealed that nearly a quarter of people in employment feel their job is "less safe" than it was a year ago.

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