Damp January instead of Dry? Find out how many calories are in your beer or wine with Diageo's drinks calculator on DrinkIQ

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Two pints tot up to 374 calories (Source: Getty)

If Dry January seems excessive but you still want to keep some semblance of a healthy lifestyle in the new year, Damp January might be more up your street.

But how to make sure that your drinking is balanced? A new drinks calculator lets you track not just how many units you’re drinking, but also how many calories you’re guzzling down (if you dare).

Two pints tot up to 374 calories, or 54 minutes' bouncing on a spacehopper, the calculator reveals.

A standard glass of red wine? 127 calories, or 18 minutes on the spacehopper.

It’s all part of the freshly revamped responsible drinking website DrinkIQ from drinks giant Diageo. The site also has also been expanded with more nutrition, calorie and alcohol content information, revealing what’s in your drinks.

Carolyn Panzer, Diageo’s alcohol in society director, said the firm is playing its part as people become more interested in lifestyle choices:

We know that consumers want nutritional information about what they drink – just as they do with the foods they eat; they also want a clear and easy way to know how much alcohol they are drinking.

We believe passionately in helping people to understand what’s in their drink and to make informed choices about drinking or not drinking.

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