New Islamic State propaganda video claims to show killing of five UK spies and warns David Cameron of attacks in the UK

Clara Guibourg
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A new propaganda video for the so-called Islamic State purports to show the murder of five hostages the terrorist group says were UK spies.

The 11-minute clip released by Isis features a masked man and a young boy both speaking English with British accents. Sending a “message for David Cameron”, the jihadist organisation threatens to carry out attacks in the UK.

The UK Foreign Office has said it is examining the content of the propaganda video, which shows the five men accused of spying for the UK purportedly being murdered after “confessing” to their spying missions in an unknown desert location.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said the video was Isis “propaganda”, as British security agencies now step up their search for the masked jihadi in the video, who appears to be a Briton.

The masked man threatens to “invade your land” before the clip ends with the young boy threatening “we are going to go kill the non-believers over there”.

This isn’t the first time Isis has used children in its propaganda films, repeatedly recruiting children also as soldiers and suicide bombers, according to human rights organisations.

At least 52 children under the age of 16 are believed to have died fighting for Isis in 2015 alone, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

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