Which countries are London companies hiring tech talent from? San Francisco, even with the capital's 37 per cent smaller salaries

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London companies want San Franciscans (Source: Getty)

London's search for the top tech talent goes beyond the capital, and even the country, with a quarter of jobs filled by someone from outside the UK.

Candidates in San Francisco, the epicentre of technology and home to Silicon Valley giants such as Google and Facebook, received more offers from London companies than those in any other location.

Within Europe, companies in the capital are turning to skills from Sweden, where they made up 16 per cent of all EU candidates who are hired, research from Hired.com reveals. Spain followed, with 14 per cent of candidates and then France, with 13 per cent.

Top countries where London hires tech talent from

1. US (30%)

2. Sweden (16%)

3. Spain (14%)

4. France (13%)

5. Germany (10%)

6. Portugal (9%)

7. Italy (8%)

The number of candidates coming from the US is only set to grow. In October the government announced a new visa scheme to make hiring from outside the EU easier for British companies.

However, compared to the two major tech hubs in San Francisco and New York, salaries for those working in technology in London is lagging.

The average software engineer salary in the capital, adjusted for cost of living, comes in at £54,000. In SF that stands at £86,000 and in New York £81,000 - between 30 and 40 per cent more than in London.

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