EU referendum: Electoral Commission says it will announce the results of the in/out vote in Manchester

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All votes cast in the EU referendum will be collated in Manchester (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister David Cameron may not have set a date for the EU referendum yet, but this morning it was revealed where the result of the in/out vote will be announced.

The final result will be declared in Manchester, the Electoral Commission and Manchester City Council announced this morning.

In a statement, the Electoral Commission said the "count collation system" to keep track of all votes will be housed in Manchester.

There will be 12 count centres across the UK, with the results from each of these returned to the Chief Counting Officer, who will oversee the counting of the votes in Manchester and certify the overall result as accurate before making the announcement.

The count is expected to take place overnight, with a result announced in the morning.

Brian Monteith, a spokesman for the eurosceptic campaign group Leave.EU, praised the announcement, saying: "We welcome the Electoral Commission's decision that the result of the EU referendum will be declared in Manchester.

"This will be the most important decision for a generation and it is right that it takes place outside of the Westminster bubble."

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