These cities commute furthest by cycling and running and Tueday is London's favourite day for getting to work by bike or on foot

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Cyclist on Waterloo Bridge in London
Cycling in the city is most popular on Tuesdays (Source: Getty)

If it feels like Tuesdays are a bit busier than usual with more cyclists on the roads and runners on the city's pavements, it's not just your imagination.

It's the most popular day for Londoners to commute by bike or run to work according to new data, and it also turns out to be the most popular day for runners in 12 other major cities around the world, except for Sao Paulo.

Fitness fans who avoid the crowds of Tube, train and bus by cycling to work have an average commute of 4.5 miles, while those who run to the office cover 9.3 miles each day.

Cyclists and runners in London are by no means slogging the furthest compared to other major cities around the world though.

Paris takes the top spot when it comes to the furthest running commute, covering 5.3 miles on average each day. Meanwhile, cyclists in Milan are covering 19.8 miles by bike on their commute - more than any other city in the world

In fact, cyclists in London are travelling the shortest distance to and from work other than those in New York, according to data from fitness tracking app Strava, which mapped 136bn data points to gather the insights on how we get around these cities.

Here's how London compares.

A heat map produced from the data also shows the routes people are taking into London, with main roads proving easy main routes for those on bikes, while the paths along the Thames and London's parks understandably prove hotspots with runners and cyclists.

Runner commuter routes in London

Cycling commuter routes in London

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