Horrible bosses: Most job-seekers would take an offer even if their interviewer behaved badly, new study finds

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Is the boss flatulent, alcoholic and unprepared? We'll take the job anyway (Source: Getty)

Ever had a job interview that was so bad the interviewer fell asleep?

You’re not the only one apparently – new study has revealed that the majority of British workers have had interview nightmares with scenarios ranging from uncomfortable questions to flatulence.

But it makes no difference to UK workers who would still take a job offer after a bad experience.

Candidates have witnessed some truly shocking behaviour in the past; 1.5 per cent sat through an interview where their potential boss was clearly drunk, while more than two per cent of people say their interviewer passed wind. Charming.

According to job site CV Library, most job-hunters will have been faced with poor interview etiquette at some stage; 37 per cent of interviewers hadn’t read their candidate’s resume, while over 40 per cent were late. As well as this, just over a third of job-seekers have been asked probing questions about their age or family plans.

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, said: “It’s shocking to see that candidates have to endure such unprofessional behaviour during a job interview. No candidate should ever be subjected to inappropriate or rude behaviour and some of these revelations are unacceptable."

Fortunately for our flatulent, alcoholic and unprepared bosses, Brits are so desperate for jobs that it makes little difference.

Despite almost everyone agreeing that it’s unprofessional for an interviewer to be unprepared, over half of those offered a job after a bad interview take it, while 65 per cent of people would be happy to work for a below-par interviewer.


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