It's official: The Hobnob is Parliament's favourite biscuit

Emma Haslett
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David Cameron: Likes a Hobnob (Source: Getty)

From expenses to their voting records, MPs are used to having every aspect of their lives heavily scrutinised - but it's only now that research has shed light on one of the most crucial areas of life in Westminster: biscuit choice.

The research, by researcher Nicole Otero, found MPs' biscuit of choice was surprisingly humble: the Hobnob, although the rather more ostentatious Jammie Dodger came second, followed by the Jaffa Cake (but is it actually a biscuit?).

More traditional choices - including Digestives, Custard Creams and shortbread - were "distant runner-ups".

Otero, a post-graduate researcher at Richmond University, found nearly three-quarters of MPs like to sit down for tea and biscuits once or twice a week, while more than half said they eat two or more biscuits each (stop sniggering at the back, please). No wonder Parliament has a catering budget of £1.3m. Crumbs.

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