Taiwanese Animators take on the UK's refugee crisis: Time for anti-migrant Brits to get English lessons

Catherine Neilan
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There's some pitchfork waving (Source: Taiwanese Animators)

They've satirised Tiger Woods. They've poked fun at the Scottish Referendum. And now those Taiwanese Animators have turned their delicate touch to the most sensitive of subjects - immigration.

Specifically, the UK's migrant crisis.

It starts by pointing out how "wondrous" the UK and Ireland are - great education and healthcare systems (visualised with doctors and patients partying... no, us neither) but points out that "those pesky migrants" want a piece of the action. Depicted - scandalously given the timing - with the Queen flinging cash around. As usual.

The horrors of what's been happening in Calais are glossed over - instead a couple of migrants hop on an EU elephant (see what they did there) and cadge a ride through the Chunnel to our green and pleasant land.

However it does get serious, pointing out that many of these people are actually "fleeing persecution and war", thus making them refugees rather than simply migrants.

"So, anti-migrant Brits in need of some English lessons, we in Taiwan have lots of excellent buxibans (known locally as English schools) that employ many British economic migrants who we're sure'd be more than happy to help."

I think we just got schooled by the animators of Taiwan.

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