Sweden's Arlanda airport creates climate simulator to let passengers try out the weather at their destination

Clara Guibourg
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This simulator lets you experience the Dubai weather before takeoff (Source: Swedavia)

Stockholm’s Arlanda airport is helping its passengers acclimatise to their destinations with a climate simulator.

Forget checking the forecast before you travel - this Swedish airport is letting you try out the weather conditions at your destination before takeoff, with a climate portal that gives you the physical experience of Dubai’s desert heat or Hong Kong’s city rush.

Choose whether you want to try out “hot”, “cold” or “big” in three rooms that simulate the live temperature, wind speed and barometric pressure of Dubai, Hong Kong and Kiruna, which is Sweden’s northernmost town, 145 kilometres beyond the Arctic Circle. To really get you in the right state of mind, the rooms are wallpapered with photos of these locations and play sounds from them.

Klas Nilsson, from Swedavia, the company that runs Arlanda airport, told Swedish trade newspaper Dagens Media:

The rooms are actually quite exciting, especially the cold one. It’s frosty, to say the least. Going through them is a way of quickly moving between different continents.

Let’s just hope trying out the burning heat or biting chill doesn’t shock any travellers into being put off their planned journeys...

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