Mack the Knife, Prince of Darkness, Superman: How well do you know business bosses’ nicknames?

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What's my name again? (Source: Travis Wise/Flickr)

Mack the Knife (aka Barclays chairman John McFarlane) has lived up to his name again after the departure deputy Mike Rake and chief Antony Jenkins - but he's not the only one to pick up a nickname over the years.

Most of the nicknames in the business world, like McFarlane's, are not entirely complimentary, often representing a reputation for ruthlessly cracking the whip. Although that's no bad thing when it comes to being a top business boss - it's hard to imagine McFarlane losing sleep over the title.

So, do you know your, Macks from your Supermans?

Take our quiz to test how well you know those monikers.

John "Mack the Knife" McFarlane

Banking maven McFarlane has had a busy week doing some slicing and dicing. But, who else does he share that nickname with?

Sir Clive "Mr 20 per cent" Thompson

Sir Clive picked up the nickname during his time at pest control company Rentokil. How did he get it?

Tim "The Prince of Darkness" Parker

A former lieutenant of Boris Johnson’s at City Hall, Treasury economist, boss of AA, Clarks and Kwik-Fit, he arrived as chairman at the Post Office last week, bringing with it a slash and burn reputation that earned him the nickname The Prince of Darkness. Who gave him that moniker?

John "?" Thain

This banking boss earned several nicknames whilst a top executive at some of the biggest financial institutions such as Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs. But, which of these names has not been connected to him?

Martin “?” Wheatley

The regulatory boss Martin Wheatley has apparently earned himself a nickname among FCA staff. What is it?

“Fred the Shred”

his nickname came to embody the financial crisis, and will surely haunt this boss for some time to come. It all seems a distant memory now, but can you remember Fred the Shred’s real name?

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