Eurostar services suspended for the rest of the day as riots close Eurotunnel

Emma Haslett
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Trains were not running after protesters in northern France entered the Eurotunnel terminal (Source: Getty)

Eurostar said it was unable to run "any trains" from France because of a fire caused by demonstrators outside the tunnel in northern France.

This morning riot police were called after wildcat strikes by workers at a terminal run by My Ferry Link in northern France caused hundreds of migrants to attempt to make the crossing to the UK in the chaos. Workers also blocaded the Eurotunnel terminal with burning tyres and rubble.

The company said all today's services were cancelled today, and advised passengers not to travel to stations.

Eurostar said: "Following Eurotunnel’s decision to suspend all traffic through the Channel Tunnel, Eurostar services will not be able to run for the rest of today.

"The closure of the Tunnel is due to industrial action by MyFerryLink workers from the port of Calais, blocking the tracks with rubble and burning tyres.
"We strongly advise passengers whose journeys are impacted not to come to our stations, but instead to exchange their ticket online.
"We are sorry for the inconvenience to all passengers, and advise them to check for further updates on when Eurotunnel will reopen and Eurostar services can resume."

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