Father’s Day Vs Mother’s Day: Gift spending leaves dads short-changed compared to mums

Lynsey Barber
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Father's Day spending is less than Mother's Day

It may be that one special day of the year when it’s all about them, but poor old dads are actually being short-changed when it comes to Father’s Day.

People are way more interested in celebrating mums than dads, it turns out, and the same goes for how much cash gets splashed on them too.

There’s almost twice as much search interest in Mother’s Day Vs Father’s Day on average, according to Google Trends, and a quarter of us believe today less important than Mother’s Day, according to a survey by delivery firm Doddle.

Meanwhile, figures from the US National Retail Federation reveal the average spent on dad gifts comes in at $115 (£72) compared to $172 on mum gifts. On average people spend 75 per cent more on Mother’s Day than Father's Day, research by online retailer Rakuten found.

Dads might only have themselves to blame though - three times as many people said they find it hard to buy for them compared to mothers, and half blamed dads not dropping hints as to what they want.

Of course, when it comes to gift-giving, it's the thought that counts, honest.

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