Film review: Entourage is a harmless cinematic victory lap

James Luxford
The Entourage cast making it in Hollywood, literally
Cert 12a | ★★★☆☆

What better way to end a series about Hollywood than with a movie adaptation? Movie star Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and his trio of friends are trying to keep Chase’s directorial debut from spiralling out of control while managing their own frantic personal lives.

From the start, Entourage falls into the trap of feeling like an extended episode, though there is still plenty to enjoy. The series was always more vicarious thrill than serious satire, and Chase & Co’s male fantasy world is even more vivid on the big screen. Their haphazard navigation through a world of expensive cars, wild parties and bikini-clad models amounts to plenty of funny moments, and the oafish charm and natural chemistry of the leads prevents the film from becoming stale.

The great and good of Hollywood were always ready to send themselves up on the show, and there are numerous cameos here, ranging from the hilarious (a foul mouthed appearance from Kelsey Grammer) to the forgettable (Emily Ratajowski’s somewhat stilted turn as Chase’s love interest). Of the meatier parts, former child star Haley Joel Osment is delightfully creepy as the son of a Texan oil baron, and MMA Champion Rhonda Rousey makes an impressive showing playing herself. Nothing beats the main cast, however, and king of that particular mountain is Jeremy Piven, back on riotous form as agent-turned-executive Ari Gold. Never more than one mishap away from a profanity-laden breakdown, he steers the film almost singlehandedly.

Fans of the show will love this cinematic victory lap, and while a franchise might be asking too much, even newcomers will find something to like in this shallow but ultimately harmless Tinseltown jaunt.

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